"The best way to honor someone who has said something smart and useful is to say something back that is smart and useful. The other way to honor them is to go do something with what you learned."

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Chales Fishman for The Atlantic:

GE wasn’t just able to hold the retail sticker to the “China price.” It beat that price by nearly 20 percent. The China-made GeoSpring retailed for $1,599. The Louisville-made GeoSpring retails for $1,299.

Time-to-market has also improved, greatly. It used to take five weeks to get the GeoSpring water heaters from the factory to U.S. retailers—four weeks on the boat from China and one week dockside to clear customs. Today, the water heaters—and the dishwashers and refrigerators—move straight from the manufacturing buildings to Appliance Park’s warehouse out back, from which they can be delivered to Lowe’s and Home Depot. Total time from factory to warehouse: 30 minutes.

American manufacturing seems poised for a comeback. Not for everything, but for a lot of things.


Watching the Scott’s lawn service guy take care of my lawn… this is funny because we don’t use them for service. My neighbor does though.


RT @jasonfried: You know who calls other people ignorant and arrogant? Ignorant and arrogant people.


RT @jasonfried: Don’t insult someone and then say “I was only trying to help.” Own up to being a dick.


RT @elliottp: “You can do more than you think with small, consistent investments of your time.” - @rands


Check out this 37signals podcast: http://bit.ly/12fv3A


Did Washington State know they had a football game against Notre Dame this evening?